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Bristol Harbour’s Easter Brunch

APRIL 24, 2011

$25.95 Adults

$21.95 Seniors

$10.95 Kids 5-10

Kids 4 & under Free


Quick Shout Out To Hunt Country Winery

Thank you Our Friends! A visit to Hunt Country is always a highlight of a trip through the Finger Lakes. Ellen and John, you are the best (with an honorable mention to Alchemy).

Salmon Run Petit Noir – Cherry-licious

Opened a room temperature bottle of Salmon Run Petit Noir, bottled by Konstantin D. Frank & Sons Vinifera Wine Cellars this evening to accompany  a heavy dinner of homemade macaroni & cheese and broccoli.

The color is a very rich dark-ish red.  The nose has a strong yeast lead touched by fruit.  The first sip was full of a wonderfully strong black cherry and an enjoyable amount of acid.  The wine finished with out surprise leaving a pleasant ‘twing’ in the lower back corners of my jaw.

The wine was distinctly less sweet (and IMHO, enjoyably so) than some of the Finger Lake wines you find labeled “Red Table Wine”.  The light side of medium in body, slightly rough around the edges, juicy and well rounded, Salmon Run Petit Noir stood up well to the heavy flavors of the dinner and carried well into being an after dinner wine.

For my taste, Salmon Run Petit Noir is not as enjoyable as Hunt Country Alchemy, but still a very good, easy drinking red wine.

The highest happiness and deepest Peace in all you do,





New release of “Keuka Spring Ale”

Keuka Brewing Co,llc annouces it’s release of “Keuka Spring Ale”. A honey Kolesch with a lighter body and a sweeter, clove finish. Available for a limited time, so come up, dont’ forget the growlers and try our newest member to our line up….

Our Price:
$15.00 per growler/ $ 10.95 per liter bottle.
Refills: $12.00 /growler (club member $2.00 less)  $6.00 /liter

additional discount with coupon below thru the month of April …

Keuka Brewing Co.,llc
8572 Briglin Rd.
Hammondsport, New York 14840

Noir from Arbor Hill Grapery

Just dang wonderful!

A light red wine with many personalities – It introduces itself as a fun and fruity wine and then turns deep and smoky, and before leaving, it gets peppery.

To start at the start, the bottle of Noir from Arbor Hill Grapery was opened and aerated into a decanter.  The bottle was room temperature.  During the transfer the nose was light and flowery.  Once in the glass and held up to my face the nose was stronger and smelled of lipstick.

The wine’s color was dark red and looked substantial in the glass.

The first sip was very fruity, slightly sweet, and playfully good.  I thought “this is a good wine, but perhaps a poor red”.  Holding it in my mouth for a few seconds some additional body developed, rounding out the fruit with a pleasant smokiness.  After swallowing, a truly unexpected and shockingly sharp black-pepper taste developed on my tongue – a taste  so warmingly delicious that I literally said “wow” out loud.

Noir is in fact a  good wine, and yes, its surprising multiple personalities allow it to be  a good Finger Lake’s red, though you have to tolerate its younger, sweeter, up front persona for its bolder, deeper, spicier character to develop.

Arbor Hill Grapery, as can be read in our earlier blog post that describes our visit there, is a small, out-of-the-way place on Canadaigua Lake with immense charm and if their Noir is any indication, some terrific wines.

The Highest Happiness and the Deepest Peace in All You Do,



Opportunity to Enjoy Hunt Country Wines

Hunt Country Wines at

We have posted many times about the wonderful atmosphere at the winery and the delicious wines from our Good Friends at Hunt Country on Keuka Lake.  I just found online a one day opportunity to purchase and enjoy some of Hunt Country’s sweet and yummy wines:

Plenty of interesting information there, but most importantly, the wines are available for you to purchase and have shipped to you!

Highest Happiness and Deepest Peace in all You do,


Margaritaville Beach Hotel featured in USA Today

Margaritaville Beach Hotel featured in USA Today
Pull up to the Margaritaville Beach Hotel, and, yes, you will be greeted by the sounds of Jimmy Buffett music. Other than the colorful Margaritaville sign and Buffett’s welcome note: “Mi casa es su casa” written on the driveway’s arch, the hotel is more stately than snazzy on the outside. White. Tall. Blue trim.
Step into the lobby, and be prepared for changes in attitude. Friendly staff members in tropical shirts greet guests. Your room key comes with a Margaritaville lanyard. The lobby is decorated in soothing seaside colors – teal blues, sage greens, creams and browns. Rattan couches are inviting, palm trees accent corners and glass coffee tables boast orchid displays, along with copies of USA TODAY. Big-paddled ceiling fans whirl above. A subdued gift shop to the right of the lobby offers Margaritaville books, bags, blenders and other goodies from the Buffett empire, along with non-Jimmy-related jewelry. Designers clearly opted for more of an elegant, resort feel for this Margaritaville, avoiding the bright-colored cartoony tropical look found on many of Buffett’s beloved concert t-shirts.

While photos of the surf-loving singer adorn a couple of the pillars, the real star of the lobby is the beach, visible through the floor-to-ceiling windows that line the oceanfront side of the hotel. Open the glass doors, take the wooden walkway over the dunes to the beach and you’ll find the sand is white and soft. Teak lounge chairs rent for $20 a day, but there’s plenty of room to spread a towel and save your money for a Bama Breeze drink from the café. Aside from chunks of sand dollars and clam shells, the only thing that washed up on the sand this past weekend were a number of purple-blue balloon-like Portuguese Man-of-War jelly fish. Swimmers weren’t worried about them, however. No one was braving the dangerous surf.

At the western end of the lobby, beyond the barely-used workout room, doors lead to the pool area. The setting has a modern feel, with artfully-placed palm trees, padded lounge chairs and slim pool rafts piled up in a corner. The water is heated, so even on a gray day, kids marched right in the graduated beach-like entrance and splashed around as their parents sipped drinks and chatted nearby. A small tiki bar with a thatched roof in the corner of the pool was not open because of the cold weather. On a sunny day, there’s sure to be booze in that blender and frozen concoctions to help everyone hang on. It’s a perfect place to watch the sun set over the ocean (and the Holiday Inn Express next door, where prices for a King Gulf front room were $188 a night, compared to Margaritaville’s King Gulf front room for $249).

So who goes to Margaritaville? The clientele ranges from families to couples of all ages. Front desk manager Tonya LeMay says guests are mostly vacationers from nearby Southern states. But one Parrothead business traveler from several hours away in Alabama says he told his company that’s where he wanted to stay. And they had no problem with it. Downtown Pensacola is only about a 15-minute drive away.

The rooms are spacious and comfortable for working, with desks, mini-fridges and good lighting. Wi-Fi is free and easy to access. If you need the news, find CNN on the flat-screen TV. If you want Buffett as a backdrop, Radio Margaritaville can be found on Channel 77, while Channel 75 is an endless loop of Buffett music videos, with a few non-Jimmy performers thrown in. As in the lobby, the décor is soothing – teal curtains complement white bedding and sleek brown furniture. Nothing is overly islandy, but has a nice beach-house feel. No matter which side of the hotel you’re on, you’ll have a view of water – either the Gulf of Mexico or Pensacola Bay.

From 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., friendly Parrothead guests can be found in the lobby restaurant called Frank and Lola Love Pensacola Café, named after Buffett’s 1982 song, Frank and Lola, about a couple on their second honeymoon in Pensacola. It’s a cozy spot for sipping a signature margarita and trying some of the local fresh fish or a Cheeseburger in Paradise. For $9.50, you’ll get fries and a big kosher pickle with your burger. It’s obviously good with a cold draft beer – maybe one of Buffet’s Land Shark Lagers.

Speaking of Land Sharks, if you’re looking for a rowdier atmosphere, head next door to Land Shark Landing restaurant. This fun beach bar and eatery has a sandy playground with hammocks, ping-pong tables and a place to dig your toes into the sand while sipping on one of Jimmy’s signature beers. Plenty of folks can be found wastin’ away again in this part of Margaritaville.

In a note found in each hotel room, Buffett explains why he chose this stretch of beach for the first Margaritaville Hotel. “Before there was a song there was a kid on this beach. Pensacola Beach was the first Florida I ever knew long before I made it down A1A to Key West. … The beaches between Pensacola and New Orleans were my first babysitters.” The shores of the Gulf of Mexico will always be his “home base.” He adds, “The story of Margaritaville is simple. Who wouldn’t enjoy a week at the beach?”


Victory Prima Pils

My Beautiful Wife Kathy presented to me as a 27th anniversary gift a mixed six pack of specialty beers that included among its delicious variety a bottle of Victory Prima Pils, brewed by Victory Brewing Co. of Downingtown PA.

Victory Prima Pils from Victory Brewing Downingtown PA

I enjoyed the beer directly from the bottle after it had been chilled to about 4o degrees.

The aroma was that of the classic “fresh beer” scent you might expect from a good draft – sweet and hoppy.

First taste – the beer was very fruity in the front with grape being the strongest of the flavors.  The feeling on my tongue was surprisingly smooth and without the effervescence that the aroma had suggested.  After swallowing, there was a pleasant hit of chocolate bitterness that lingered nicely.

The subsequent sips included the sweetness of the fruit in front being mellowed by the remaining bitterness.  Fewer high and low notes, and plenty of excellent hop.

Victory Prima Pils is not a beer I would recommend as a “thirst quencher”, but it would make an excellent choice for the “I am going to enjoy one good beer” experience.  It is strong, but not dark nor heavy.  Easy to drink, but not refreshing. All in All a very pleasant experience in the deeper end of the beer pool.

Highest Happiness and Deepest Peace in all You Do,


Arbor Hill Grapery – Who’d of Thunk It?!

Arbor Hill Grapery

After enjoying a visit with  King and Kimmy at the New York State Wine and Culinary Center in Canandaigua we all decided that we would visit a few stops while heading back south down rt. 21.  Among those stops was Arbor Hill Grapery (

Pulling up, we were surprised to see the Grapery’s small, white clap-board building, looking more like an old fashion general store than a venue for wine tasting.

Stepping in the front door we found a fascinating display of gifts and sundries. Grape and wine themed clothing (the girl’s favorite was a t-shirt featuring a sequined parrot saying “the hell with the crackers, Polly wants wine!”) , dozens of Arbor Hill gourmet food products, home decor and kitchen gadgets were all on display.  Near the old front window of the room was a table set up with 8 or 10 open containers of Arbor Hill jams and condiments ready to be tasted.  Poking around the shelves we found treasure after treasure.  Truly a charming assortment of goodies in a enchanting setting.

Great Wines on Display at Arbor Hill Grapery

The tasting room, as it were was down a couple of steps into a room that was dominated by what looked to be an old-time deli or meat display cooler.  Behind the large white glass front counter was our delightful hostess. Inside the cooler was a display of 6 or 7 of the Grapery’s wines.  We were surprised to learn that one of them was a sparkling Chardonnay.  Kimmy, King and Kathy proceeded to taste away, finding all of the wines good or excellent.  While they were enjoying the wine I nibbled on the absolutely delicious cheese samplings.  I did sample what was described by our hostesses as the Grapery’s “dry reds”.  Though neither the Noir nor its cousin the “Noirette” were hardy dry wines, they both were very delicious.  I purchased a bottle of the Noir and will be sharing a review of the wine when I have created opportunity to open it.

Though far off the path of the popular routes through the Finger Lakes Wine Country, Arbor Hill Grapery is well worth the trip over the hills between Canandaigua and Naples.  Its old fashion architecture is both inviting and charming. Its display shelves are full of down-right whimsical gift ideas. The wines are, according to the reviews I hear from the other FFFs,  all good and some are excellent.  It may also be worth noting that not far from Arbor Hill Grapery,  in the town of Naples is the Imagine Moore Winery which is among our favorites in the Finger Lakes.  Each Arbor Hill Grapery and Imagine Moore Winery have a bistro immediately adjacent to their tasting rooms, meaning though the drive to the south end of Canandaigua Lake may take some time to make, you can plan an afternoon for the trip that includes a good lunch.

The Highest Happiness and the Deepest Peace in all You Do,