My Beautiful Wife Kathy presented to me as a 27th anniversary gift a mixed six pack of specialty beers that included among its delicious variety a bottle of Victory Prima Pils, brewed by Victory Brewing Co. of Downingtown PA.

Victory Prima Pils from Victory Brewing Downingtown PA

I enjoyed the beer directly from the bottle after it had been chilled to about 4o degrees.

The aroma was that of the classic “fresh beer” scent you might expect from a good draft – sweet and hoppy.

First taste – the beer was very fruity in the front with grape being the strongest of the flavors.  The feeling on my tongue was surprisingly smooth and without the effervescence that the aroma had suggested.  After swallowing, there was a pleasant hit of chocolate bitterness that lingered nicely.

The subsequent sips included the sweetness of the fruit in front being mellowed by the remaining bitterness.  Fewer high and low notes, and plenty of excellent hop.

Victory Prima Pils is not a beer I would recommend as a “thirst quencher”, but it would make an excellent choice for the “I am going to enjoy one good beer” experience.  It is strong, but not dark nor heavy.  Easy to drink, but not refreshing. All in All a very pleasant experience in the deeper end of the beer pool.

Highest Happiness and Deepest Peace in all You Do,